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RCUK- Rohingya Centre

RCUK is a Bradford-based international organised of Rohingya Centre of United Kingdom (England & Wales)

We are a Community Centre based in the Great Horton area, working to empower and support refugees, asylum seekers, and migrants by providing meaningful support and services that enable successful integration in their local communities. Broadly, we seek to enhance the wellbeing of people in need in particular but not exclusively; Rohingya refugees in the UK.

We are refugee-led, and our projects are based on our lived experience; with the aim of empowering refugees and helping them to settle and gain the skills they need to rebuild their lives within the society they newly call home. See how we support and provide services in Bradford.

• Welfare and Immigration Advice
• ESOL and Integration Learning
• Employability Skills Workshops
• Health and Wellbeing Activities
• Community Awareness Programme
• Social Inclusion and Gatherings
• Occasional Cultural Events
• Youth Work Through Sport

At RCUK, we proudly provide free services and confidentially to asylum seekers, refugees, and all other families and individuals in Bradford. Our commitment is to provide support, hope, inspiration and helping them to thrive. If you or someone you know needs assistance, reach out to us.

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Unit 1, 24 Sumberville Road, Bradford, BD7 1PX, United Kingdom.