If You Have Just Arrived

Got a problem? Urgent information can be found here

Find your nearest…

  • shops for bread, milk, phone top-ups etc.
  • big supermarket
  • Post Office
  • pharmacy
  • GP (doctors)
  • schools
  • parks

Find where you can get more information and help, if you need it.

Find friendly faces at drop-ins, community centres, churches, mosques, temples.

Find more friendly faces at English language CHAT groups.

Find out where you are

First, find out where you are in Bradford. You can find postcodes on every street sign.
Using Google Maps enter your postcode (BD7, BD3 etc ) to find out exactly where you are.

BD = Bradford. 

Postcode BD1 is Bradford city centre.  

What other postcodes are next to you?

So for example, if you live in BD7 then BD1, BD8 and BD5 are quite near by.

Find your nearest big road. What is it called? e.g. Great Horton Road, Manchester Road, Leeds Road.

Bradford Postcodes

Examples of what you can search for

Enter supermarket in BD1 (or BD3, BD5 etc). This will show big and small shops.

Enter Post Office in BD1.

Enter pharmacy in BD1.
(Sometimes, a pharmacy or Post Office is a shop. Sometimes, it is INSIDE another shop, e.g. a supermarket.)
Enter GP in BD1.
Enter schools in BD1.
Enter parks in BD1.

Walk around your new city – and learn about it

Try the Bradford City Centre circular walk

Find a friendly face

There are many churches, mosques and temples in Bradford, where people will welcome you.

Enter e.g. churches in BD1, or mosques in BD9, or temples in BD3

Also, there are ‘drop-in’ centres and community centres.

Enter e.g. community centres in BD7

If you are an asylum seeker or refugee, you can always go to BIASAN (BD1 3RP) on a Thursday evening. Lots of people meet there. It is free. You can make new friends, get information, join an English class, enjoy a good meal.

Go to https://www.facebook.com/BiasanYorkshire to find out more.

There is also a great singing group called Bradford Friendship Choir.

Tuesdays 6:00 – 7:30 pm

Kala Sangam Arts Centre, 1 Foster Square BD1 4TY

If you have arrived new to Bradford from an East European country, you can get some friendly help from places like :

Girlington Community Centre BD8; Connecting Roma CIC in BD9; St Edmunds Nursery BD8; Polish RC Church BD5; Polski Klub Jagoda BD5 0BH; SHINE at St Stephens Church BD5; CHAS at St Vincents BD3; Thornbury Centre BD3

See below for contact details.