Here, you can find out important information about working in Bradford.

There are lots of services in Bradford to:

– help you find a job

– help you apply for a job

– help you to get work experience and skills

– give extra support if you need it

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Work and Employment Services

Horton Housing Volunteer Services

Bewick House, 16 Eldon Place BD1 3AZ

Horton Housing provides housing, training and support services.

They want volunteers now, to be befrienders for the Connecting Opportunities service.

They will be looking for more refugees and other migrants with lived experience to join the volunteer programme, when their training centre re-opens.

This Listing was last updated: 6 May 2021

Peacemaker International

Peacemaker International is a charity for the advancement of conflict resolution through mediation services and training. Major emphasis is on:

  • empowering women for justice by supporting survivors of domestic abuse and their children
  • providing skills development, mentoring, befriending
  • supporting ex-offenders and new arrivals in the UK and
  • providing advocacy and promoting the rights of people with learning disabilities and social inclusion of the elderly
  • campaigning to raise awareness of issues of forced marriages and female genital mutilation

Projects include :

  • Home-School Mediation
  • Youth Support
  • Learning Disabilities Support
  • Women and Children groups
  • Youth Inclusion in education, employment and training
  • Bradford Women against Domestic Violence

This Listing was last updated: 7 May 2021

Horton Community Farm

Cecil Avenue, Bradford BD7 3BW

Horton Community Farm is a 2 acre green space run by locals in the heart of urban Bradford. Our work is creating an inspirational permaculture centre for food growing and community resilience through 5 main strands of work. These are environmental education such as forest schools, horticultural therapy, wildlife, food growing and volunteering.


Growing Hope for sanctuary seekers
Growing Together for families with 0-3’s
Mindfulness Gardening for over 50s and carers of over 50s
Volunteering for anyone over 15

See our website for more details.

This Listing was last updated: 6 June 2022

Bradford Westfield House Jobcentre


During Covid, it is not possible to contact Jobcentre Plus directly by phone. For general enquiries, you can email them, putting in the Subject Box : JCP Contact Us Local Office Westfield House Jobcentre Plus.

85 Manningham Lane, Bradford BD1 3BE

You can get phone information from the national helpline, about your personal circumstances, job-seeking, existing claims and new claims.

You will be given a lot of information and choices about who to contact next. If you need help with this, you could try asking at Bradford Citizens Advice by phoning 0344 245 1282. Or you could ask at a community centre near you.

This Listing was last updated: 1 April 2022

Eastbrook Jobcentre

50 Vicar Lane, Bradford BD1 5AH

At the moment, it is not possible to contact a jobcentre direct by phone.

This will change soon, after Covid restrictions end.

Meanwhile, there is information online, for example about :

  • finding a job
  • universal credit
  • new benefit claims
  • existing benefit claims
  • National Insurance numbers

You can also email Eastbrook Jobcentre, using the address below.

Be sure to write in the subject box :

JCP Contact Us Local Office Eastbrook House Jobcentre Plus

This Listing was last updated: 8 April 2021

Christians Against Poverty (CAP)

Hope House, 16 Wood Street, Bradford BD8 8HY

Lunch is available on Fridays from midday to 1pm, for anyone who has been to a class at Hope House during the week (in normal non-Covid times).

CAP job club, with help from trained volunteers, in a relaxed environment, with the chance to meet other jobseekers, get support and gain the tools needed to find work. Mondays from 9.30am to 12.30pm. (Contact Corinne on 07709 683650)

Opening Times:

Monday: 9:30-12:30-pm
This Listing was last updated: 8 February 2021
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