Paying Your Council Tax

When you live in Bradford, you need to pay Council Tax to Bradford Council.

The money is used by Bradford Council to pay for local services.

(If you live in a house which is registered as a HMO (House of Multiple Occupancy), you do not need to pay the Council Tax. The house owner is the person who pays.)

The amount you have to pay is different for different areas of Bradford, and for different types of accommodation.

Find out more: Council Tax bands and amounts

You may be able to get a reduced price (a discount) on your council tax, if you:

  • are a student
  • live on your own
  • have a disability, or someone in your family member has a disability
  • are receiving Universal Credit or a qualifying benefit
  • are on a low income

Find out more on the Bradford Council website:
Housing benefit and council tax reduction

How to pay your bill

You need to register with the Council first, to set up your account.

You can do this by phone or online.

Phone: 01274 437 866

Pay your council tax bill

Get help to fill in the forms

Phone 01274 432 772  to make an appointment about Council Tax reduction.

Or go to:
Britannia House,

Usually you can use the drop-in service. After Covid-19, face to face appointments should start again.

You can make an appointment for someone to help you. You can take an interpreter.

Or phone 01274 437 866 to make an appointment for all other enquiries about Council Tax.

Or you can ask someone at your local community centre to help you.

If you are struggling to pay your Council Tax

Like your energy bills, Council Tax is a priority bill. 

It is important to ask for help if you are struggling to pay.

You can get advice from:

Bradford’s Council Tax Department
Phone: 01274 437866 – office hours

Bradford Citizens Advice,
Argus Chambers,
Bradford BD1 1HZ

Phone: 0344 245 1282

Feeling safe in your home

You should be able to live in a safe and secure home in Bradford. If for any reason you do not feel safe in your home you should call West Yorkshire Police on 101 and in an emergency you should call 999. Police officers are trusted and will help you.

Find out more about Staying Safe

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