Air Travel

There are around 40 commercial airports in the UK that run international flights. The Trainline website includes a map to show you where the airports are, and details of how you can travel there.

Nearest airports

The nearest airport for Bradford is Leeds Bradford Airport. This is about 8 miles from Bradford city centre.

Flights from the airport go across the world and within the UK and Europe.

Find out more about where you can fly to on the Leeds Bradford Airport website.

You can get to Leeds Bradford Airport by taxi, car or bus. The 737 bus goes from the city centre to the airport and takes around 45 minutes. Taxis are quicker but will cost £15 – £18.

Manchester Airport is about 50 miles from Bradford. You can travel there by train, from Bradford station (Forster Square, or the Interchange station) to Leeds. Then direct to Manchester Airport.

Doncaster Sheffield Airport is about 80 miles from Bradford. You can travel there by train (first to Leeds) and a special bus.

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