Public Transport

If you want to use public transport, West Yorkshire Metro can give you lots of information. This includes:

  • bus and train times
  • route maps
  • where are the bus stops?
  • where are the train stations?
  • fare / ticket prices

Bradford has a big network of buses and trains. They usually run from around 5am – 11pm, depending on the route. These can be used to get around the city centre or out into other parts of the city.

You can use the Journey Planner to plan your route from start to finish, including walking, trains and buses. It will tell you how long the whole journey will take.

Tickets and passes

If you travel regularly, there are bus and train passes that you can use for multiple journeys. This may make the travel cheaper.

Many people in our ‘New to Bradford’ consultation group say the best way to pay for adult travel by bus and/or train is to get a Pink  MCard. Have a look. See what is best for you.

Children aged 0 – 5 can travel for free on most buses and on all trains displaying the Metro symbol, in West Yorkshire. They must travel with a passenger who has a pass or ticket.

Children aged 5 -10 pay half fare on most buses and all trains displaying the Metro symbol in West Yorkshire. This includes Metro school buses.

Young people under 18 can apply to get a photocard. This allows them to pay half fare.

Find out more about Tickets & Passes.

Using the Bus

There are many buses you can use to get in and out of Bradford city centre.
Some buses also travel between different areas of Bradford, without going into the city centre.
You get on a bus at a ‘bus stop’. This is usually painted red.
The bus stop will usually show timetable information.

West Yorkshire Metro has lots of information for bus travel including timetables, route maps, locations of bus stops and ticket prices. It covers bus travel to Leeds, Dewsbury, Huddersfield and Wakefield too.

Find out where to get on your bus in the city centre

Find out where buses go outside the city centre.

  • If you are not sure of which bus you need, you can ask other passengers waiting at the bus stop.
  • Or ask the bus driver. Ask which bus is going to your destination, before you buy a ticket.
  • You can also ask other passengers, or the driver, to tell you when you have reached your destination. Then you know when to get off the bus.

Bradford Interchange Bus Station

Many of the buses that travel to and from Bradford city centre stop at the main station, but not all of them, so it is best to check first. Here you can get on buses to other cities nearby e.g. Leeds, Huddersfield, Manchester or the East Yorkshire Coast. You can also get a bus to Leeds/Bradford Airport.

Next to the bus station is the coach station.  From here, you can get on a coach to different places across Great Britain. These are usually run by National Express. They usually take longer than the train, but often they are much cheaper. Find out more on the National Express website.

Buying bus tickets

  • You can buy bus tickets from the driver when you get on the bus.
  • Keep your ticket safe for the whole journey.
  • There are cheaper options for children, students and older people.
  • You can buy a daily, weekly and monthly pass, if you want to make lots of journeys, or if you travel regularly.
  • Passes can be bought on the bus.
  • Or you can buy a pass online. Sometimes there is a discount for buying online.

First Bus Tickets and Passes

Arriva Bus Tickets and Passes

West Yorkshire Metro Tickets and Passes

If you want to report an incident on the bus

Try to make a note of the bus number (5 digits – find it at the front or back of the bus, and inside near the driver). You can phone the bus company and tell them about an incident. If possible, be ready with this 5 digit number, plus the route number, location and time of the incident.   Then they may be able to use CCTV to investigate.

(Most school buses are First Bus.)

First Bus: 0345 646 0707   

Arriva: 0344 800 4411

Keighley Bus Company: 01535 603284

Transdev York: 01653 692556 (airport)

TLC Travel: 01274 727811

If there is a hate incident, please go to Bradford Hate Crime Alliance.

Using the Train

Bradford has two train stations.

  1. Bradford Interchange – for Leeds, Manchester, London, Halifax, Huddersfield etc.
    (Also, Bradford’s bus and coach station is at the Interchange.)
  2. Bradford Forster Square Station is 5-10 minutes walk from the Interchange.
    Bradford Forster Square – for Shipley, Saltaire, Bingley, Keighley, Ilkley, Skipton etc.
    (Also for Leeds but you need to change trains at Shipley.)

Train tickets and timetables

To travel all over the country from Bradford, go first to Leeds Train Station.

From Leeds, you can get everywhere, including London, Scotland and Wales.

Many of the trains are direct. Others may involve one or more changes.

  • You must make sure you have a valid ticket for travel.
  • There are automatic barriers, to check tickets before you reach the train platforms.
  • Tickets are usually checked on trains as well.
  • If you do not have a valid ticket, you risk being fined.
  • You can buy train tickets in advance – either in the station, or online.
  • Or you can buy tickets and get travel advice in the station, at the time of travel – but tickets are often cheaper if you buy them in advance.

You can find out times and routes online on the National Rail and The Trainline websites.

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