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Learning English – Adults

Learning English will really help you to find work.

It will help you become part of your new community.

There are many classes where you can learn English in Bradford. Many classes are free.

Some classes are for relaxed, informal chat – so you learn to speak with confidence. 

Some classes are more formal, to help you get qualifications.

Here are some reasons why learning English is an important thing to do.

  • Many employers want people who can speak English.
  • It will also make looking for a job and applying easier.
  • It will make using the internet easier – not all UK and Bradford websites are translated.
  • You can communicate with people from all over the world, who now live in Bradford.
  • You will meet new people in your class and make friends.
  • You will gain confidence.
  • If your children speak English, you will be able to learn and share this together.

Where can I go to learn English ?

Go to the website.

Simply enter your postcode.

You will see all the ESOL classes near you – listed in alphabetical order. You can get more information about each class.

ESOL means English for Speakers of Other Languages.

Please note, face-to-face classes have mostly stopped during Covid-19 lockdown.
Many classes are still running online. Check their websites for details.

The website also tells you:

  • which classes offer childcare provision / crèche
  • which classes are for conversation – to help you build confidence, meet new people, chat and have fun
  • which classes lead to a qualification that is recognised by employers
  • which classes are women only
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