Bradford Homes

Bradford Council does not own homes for people to rent.

In Bradford District, Housing Associations provide rented housing called Social Housing. This can be a good option for people on a low income. Housing associations do not make a profit. They are often called Registered Social Landlords (RSLs) or Registered Providers (RPs). A list of Housing Associations is here.

Incommunities is the major Housing Association in the Bradford district. Incommunities has almost 22,500 houses, flats and sheltered housing (for older people). The aim is to provide good housing with affordable rent, for people on low income.

Social housing is allocated through BradfordHomes. You can find out more about Bradford Homes and how it works.

Some Housing Associations also allow you to register directly with them.

How do I register for social housing?         

Go to the BradfordHomes website.

You can join the waiting list by clicking ‘Register’ at the top of the page and completing the online application form.

Make sure you add an email address as you will need this to reset your login details if you forget them.

Make sure you write down your login reference number, memorable date and password as you will need these to log back in to your application.

Make sure you have completed all the information.

Remember to click ‘Submit’

What happens next?

Once you have sent your online application, you will be told whether you need to provide some evidence to show whether you are eligible to join the waiting list.

You can upload all evidence via your online Housing Application and email [email protected]  once you have done this.

Click here to view details of evidence required and how to submit this. You may have higher priority depending upon the things you put on your application. You will need to provide some evidence to support what you said.

Click here to view details of evidence required and how to submit this.

If no evidence is required, you will be able to start bidding for properties straight away using the ‘Property search’ button.

I don’t have a computer, how can I register on BradfordHomes?

You can register using any mobile phone or tablet device with access to the internet. You can also use the computers at your local library. The Council also has computers available in the customer contact centre at Britannia House, Hall Ings, Bradford, BD1 1HX.

Will I be matched to properties?

If have a higher priority ( Band 1, 2 or 3), you will be matched to properties based on what you put on your application.

You can also bid on available properties in the property shop.

If your application is in Band 4 (Property Shop), you will not be matched for properties and you must place bids within the Property Shop.

How long might I have to wait?·         

If more than one person wants the same house, it will be given to the person who has been waiting the longest and who has the highest priority banding.

Be aware, you can wait a long time for council housing.

Even people in Band 1 often wait between 6 months and a year for permanent housing.

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