Council Housing

  • Bradford Council provides homes through an organisation called Incommunities.
  • The aim is to provide good housing with affordable rent, for people on low income.
  • Be aware, there are lots of people waiting for council housing. 
  • There is no guarantee you will be successful if you apply.

Who can apply

Some, not all, migrants arriving in Bradford are allowed to apply for council housing.

The rules are complicated and can change, so it is best to check with a trained adviser from the Housing Options Service or Bradford Citizens Advice Bureau. See below for contact details. Here is a summary – correct August 2020.

If you are from an EU country:

  • If you are working and have been living in the UK for 5 years, you can usually apply.
  • If you have been in the UK less than 5 years, you may be asked to do a ‘Habitual Residence Test’ to find out if you can apply.

If you are from outside the EU:

  • If you have permanent residence or ‘indefinite leave to remain’ you can apply.
  • If you have refugee status you can also apply.

How to apply

  • You need to be on the Bradford Homes Register before you can apply for council housing. To register, go to and click on ‘Register’ for a form.
  • If you need help with this, contact the Housing Team, address below. Phone: 01274 435 999
  • If you apply, you will be assessed by Incommunities and put on a waiting list.
  • Incommunities will look at your circumstances to decide how high your need is.
  • People with the highest need will be called Band A – top priority for council housing.
  • Every week, Incommunities shares a list of housing available.
  • You can bid for the house or flat you like.
  • If more than one person wants the same house, it will be given to the person who has been waiting the longest and who has the highest priority banding.
  • Be aware, you can wait a long time for council housing.

Even people in Band A often wait between 6 months and a year for permanent housing.

If you are single, 18+, and not assessed as being ‘in need’, you will not usually be offered council housing.

Find out more

You can find out more about council housing on these websites:

Finding a home to rent
Find a home

Help with your application

Your local Housing Office can help you apply.

What you need to take with you

To complete the application, you must take these papers to the Bradford Housing Office :

  • your completed Bradford Homes Register membership form

And for you and everyone that lives in your household, including children :

  • proof of ID
  • proof of current address

They will check the papers, copy them, and return them to you.

*It is a good idea to ask exactly what papers you can show, for proof of ID and proof of address, before you visit Bradford Housing Office.

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