If You Become Homeless

If you become homeless, or are worried you are going to be homeless soon, you should contact the Council’s Housing Options Team. They can help you find accommodation.

If you have nowhere to sleep tonight, you are homeless, and it is outside office hours, phone 01274 435 999 and your call will be put through to an emergency number.

You could also get help from:

No Second Night Out

Salvation Army

Worried about someone else?

If you are worried about someone else who is sleeping rough and 18+, contact StreetLink.

If you are worried about someone else who is sleeping rough and you think they are under 18, please let the police know, by calling 999.

If you are a refugee

If you are a refugee, you can get support from the Move On team.

Homelessness Assessment

When you go to Housing Options you must ask for a Homelessness Assessment.

The council will ask you about:

  • your housing and support needs
  • who usually lives with you (your partner, your children or anyone else you care for)
  • what kind of place you want to live in (size and location)
  • how much you can afford
  • any special needs you have, for example with disability or health

The council will then give you a personal housing plan.

The plan will help you to find somewhere else to live.

The council will offer you help for:

  • up to 8 weeks if you’re threatened with homelessness
  • an extra 8 weeks if you become homeless

However, while it is making its decision, it can provide you with temporary accommodation.

You can request an interpreter when you visit Bradford Housing Options. Housing Options can usually arrange for a telephone interpreter, to help you.

Emergency Accommodation

If the council assesses you as being homeless and in priority need, you may get emergency accommodation.

Longer term accommodation

If you are still homeless after 8 weeks, the council will decide if you qualify for longer-term housing.

You will only qualify if you:

  • fall into a priority need group
  • are homeless through no fault of your own

If you qualify, you may have to stay in temporary accommodation until longer-term housing is available.

If you have just received your Leave to Remain and got refugee status, you can get help with housing and homelessness. Contact the Move On team.

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