Getting Involved in Your Community

Moving to a new area is not always easy. Getting involved can help you feel more at home and is fun! There are opportunities to meet new people, enjoy activities and have your say on your local area.

How to find out what’s going on

In Leeds, there are lots of ways to find out what’s going on including newspapers and newsletters, radio, TV, websites and social media. Here are some you could try.

The Yorkshire Evening Post

The main Leeds newspaper. You can buy it from newsagents and supermarkets. It also has a website.

Yorkshire Evening Post



Made in Leeds TV

An independent local TV station.

7 Freeview / 117 Sky / 159 Virgin Media

Made in Leeds TV



BBC Leeds

The BBC’s news and radio programmes and website.

Look North, 1 Freeview / 101 Sky / 101 Virgin Media


BBC Radio Leeds / DAB (Digital) / 92.4 – 95.3 FM


BBC Leeds


Radio Aire

An independent radio station.

Radio Aire / DAB (Digital) / 96.3 FM

Radio Aire



Community radio

East Leeds FM broadcasts from Chapel FM, an arts centre in Seacroft.

Chapel FM

Fever FM serves South Asian communities in the city and broadcasts in English, Urdu / Hindi, Punjabi, and Mirpuri.

Radio Asian Fever

Fresh Leeds is a Black Music radio station.

Fresh Leeds

Peoples FM is a community radio station based in Chapeltown.

Peoples FM

Community newsletters

North Leeds Life covers Adel, Bramhope, Cookridge, Horsforth, Headingley, Meanwood, Weetwood & West Park, Alwoodley, Chapel Allerton, Moortown & Roundhay. It runs a website and free monthly magazine delivered to homes and businesses.

North Leeds Life



South Leeds Life covers Beeston, Belle Isle, Cottingley, Holbeck, Hunslet, Middleton, Stourton. It runs a news blog and a newspaper which is printed monthly and can be collected from local venues.

South Leeds Life



West Leeds Dispatch covers Armley, Bramley, Burley, Calverley, Farnley (Old and New), Kirkstall, Farsley, Pudsey, Rodley, Wortley. It runs a website.

West Leeds Dispatch



Social Media

You can use social media sites to find out about events, ask people to recommend places to go or services to use, or to buy and sell items. Here are some you could try:

Leeds Face is the biggest facebook group for people in Leeds. You need to request to join.


Nextdoor is a network that allows you to connect with other people in your local area, share messages, find a tradesperson, organise events, share safety advice, report lost and found belongings, find a babysitter and more.


Groups and Activities

Joining a local group or activity is a really good way to meet other people and feel part of life in Leeds. There are lots of groups that offer opportunities to get involved in your local community, or take part in hobbies and social activities. Many of the activities and venues are free of charge, but sometimes you may have to pay to take part.

Leeds Inspired is an online guide to what’s on in Leeds including music, film and the arts.

Leeds Inspired

Help in Leeds is a website for refugees, asylum seekers and migrants run by LASSN (Leeds Asylum Seekers Support Network). You can use it to find community groups in your local area by searching on Community Groups in the Organisation Category box.

Help in Leeds

Or why not set up your own group? In Leeds there is a project called MAP+ (Migrant Access Project Plus) that may be able to help you do this.

MAP+ (Migrant Access Project Plus) is a project about helping connect in their community, make friends, and use their experience and ideas to make their area a great place to live. People who have moved to Leeds from anywhere in the world can join MAP+. The project is currently running until July 2019 in 5 areas of Leeds.

Ways you can get involved include becoming a trained volunteer (called a Migrant Community Networker) to help you set up your own community group and get involved in your community. You can also come to a friendly drop-in every week, where you can meet new people and share ideas for the local area. MAP+ is funded by Leeds City Council.

Migrant Access Project Plus

0113 248 4800

[email protected]

Volunteering and Learning New Skills

Doing volunteering work can be a really good way to get involved in your local community, meet new people and get experience which could even help you find a job. Find out more.

Learning English could also really help you by giving you the skills and confidence to have conversations with other people in your community. Find out more.

Community centres

Most local areas in Leeds have a community centre, run by either the council or sometimes a local charity, church or community group. The centres usually offer activities and groups, such as art and crafts, sport and games, family activities. You could use Google to find your local centre, or use the lists on the Leeds City Council website at the bottom of this page:

Leeds Community Centres

Children’s centres

Children’s centres are a really good place to get support and guidance with caring for your baby or child, but also look after your own health and wellbeing, meet other parents, make friends and get support. You can attend any children’s centre you like but it is a really good idea to use your local one. Most have their own website or you can contact any by phone.

You can find your local Children’s Centre on the Family Information Centre website:

Find Your Local Children’s Centre

Community Hubs and One Stop Centres

It is a good idea to find out where your local Community Hub or One Stop Centre is. These are run by Leeds City Council and can help with looking for work, housing, benefits and council tax, ESOL classes and more. Find out your local One Stop Centre or Community Hub:

Find Your Local One Stop Centre or Community Hub

Leisure centres

There are 17 leisure centres in Leeds, offering 12 gyms, 14 swimming pools and 400 sport and exercise classes. There is a small charge for classes, or you can become a member and pay monthly or every year. Find out more on the Active Leeds website.

Find Your Local Leisure Centre


There are more than 30 libraries in different areas of Leeds. You can borrow books, but also enjoy activities and groups including children’s storytime, reading groups, photography, history. There are also free computers to use, free Wi-Fi and free lessons on how to use a computer or tablet.

You can find your local library here:

Find Your Local Library

You can find out what events are happening at your local library here:

Find Out What’s Happening at Your Local Library


There are 9 museums around Leeds. Leeds City Museum is in the city centre on Millennium Square. Most of them are free of charge, although sometimes you have to pay an entry fee for special exhibitions or to look round if the venue is a historical building. You can find out more here:

Leeds Museums and Galleries


There are 9 big parks and more than 60 smaller parks in local communities in Leeds. All are free to visit and are a good place to enjoy beautiful scenery and get exercise. Some of them have activities, events and cafés too. You can find out more here:

Find Your Local Park


Allotments are plots of land that people rent, usually from the council, so they can grow their own fruit and vegetables. There are more than 100 in Leeds. Having an allotment can be a good way to meet people, get exercise and fresh air and provide fresh produce for your family. There is a cost to pay every year, but it is not usually very expensive. Be aware, some allotment sites have long waiting lists.

0113 378 6002 (8am to 4.30pm Mon to Thurs, 8am to 4pm Fri)

[email protected]

Get Your Own Allotment

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