Many people who have moved to the UK choose to set up their own business. In fact, in the UK there are half a million migrants running businesses.

Here are some examples of small business that can be quite profitable in the UK.

  • Courier businesses (delivering parcels)
  • Coffee shops
  • Car washing
  • Catering, fast food, restaurants
  • Internet businesses
  • Gardening
  • Professional services (accounting, marketing, administration)


  • Work as an interpreter? See the bottom of this page.

What are the rules ?

If you want to set up your own business, there are lots of important things to consider and organise. They include:

  • checking if you are allowed legally to set up a business
  • organising how to pay your taxes
  • organising how to do your finances

Information and support for setting up a business

The Expatica website has useful information about the steps you need to take to get started.  It also has information about the different types of companies you can set up.

Starting a Business in the UK

You can also find out more about the rules of setting up a business in the UK on the Government website.

Bradford Council’s website also provides lots of information for people wanting to set up a business in Bradford. This includes the possibility of cheaper rates etc. Find out more:

Help for business

There are many organisations and websites offering help.  Just check that the help is FREE.

Invest in Bradford

Bradford Chamber of Commerce

Start Your Own Business in Bradford

For ideas and a supportive community of small traders:

Facebook every Thursday Bradford Street Market

Becoming an interpreter

You might want to use your language skills by working as an interpreter.

If you have experience in community interpreting, there are some good opportunities for work with e.g. schools; GP surgeries; other health services; social care teams; charities.

Sometimes you might be working from home, online or on the phone.

You will probably need a qualification in interpreting and/or translation.

Then you might be able to find work with an interpreting team.

To do this, you need to register first.

Enable 2 is an interpreting and translation agency, with a base in Bradford. It is used by Bradford Council and many other local organisations, when they need people to interpret and translate.

Bradford hospitals have their own team of interpreters.

Bradford NHS Teaching Hospitals Interpreting Service.
Email: [email protected]

Community Interpreting Courses

There are different qualifications available, to support your interpreting work.
You need to pass an initial assessment, to find the right level of course for you.
If you do not pass the initial assessment, there are other courses to support your learning and help you to progress in the future.

You might be able to get on some courses for free, or get help to pay the fees.

Local colleges might offer courses in community interpreting.  For example, at Bradford College 2020-21 there is a part time course (2 hours per week) in Community Interpreting a) Introduction; then  b) Improvers.

There are also some good online courses to help you become a qualified community interpreter e.g.

Level 1 Award in Understanding Community Interpreting

Level 2 Award in Preparation for Work in Community Interpreting

Level 3 Certificate in Community Interpreting

Look at: Workers Educational Association (WEA)

Look at: International School of Linguistics

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