Volunteering means you spend some time working unpaid, in the community, for the benefit of other people. Volunteering can be a good way to develop skills. It can help you to gain experience and confidence.

Most volunteering programmes will offer you proper support and training, and money towards expenses.

Why volunteer?

There are many reasons people choose to volunteer:

  • trying out a new career
  • helping to understand a new culture
  • practising your spoken and written English
  • getting to know your new community
  • reducing isolation and meeting new people
  • keeping active, with a structured timetable
  • applying your skill
  • making a contribution to your community/ city
  • getting involved in something you are passionate about
  • gaining confidence and improving your self-esteem and wellbeing
  • developing new skills, knowledge and experience
  • enhancing your CV (Curriculum Vitae)
  • getting a reference for work or obtaining documents

You can find out about volunteering from the Volunteer Centre in Bradford.

Here are some organisations in Bradford which would like to host volunteers.




Ark Charity Shop

Horton Housing

Horton Community Farm

St Oswald’s West End Centre

Abigail Housing


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