Apprenticeships allow you to work and study for a qualification at the same time.

This means you can get work experience (and a wage) as well as a qualification.

You can do an apprenticeship at any age.

There are different levels you can start at, depending on your experience.

*Be aware, the minimum wage for an apprentice is much lower than the National Living Wage. However, many employers pay their apprentices more than this.

Some pay the National Living Wage or normal salary.

Apprenticeships are full time. The minimum hours you must work are 30 hours a week.

To find out more about apprenticeships:

Information about apprenticeships for young people

UK Gov – Become an Apprentice

You can search for apprenticeship jobs using your postcode and key words for the type of work you are interested in:

Make an appointment at:
Aspire-igen Opportunity Centre

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