Living in Your Neighbourhood

Having Your Say

Do you have a concern or idea about a local issue?

There are different ways you can have your say.

  • Community centres and other local groups are always keen to hear ideas from people in the community. Why not join a group?
  • Health centres and schools often have a forum or group, where people can say what they think, talk about local issues and give ideas.
  • Another way to ‘have your say’ is to speak to your local councillor, or your MP.
  • Bradford Council often consults the people of Bradford about developments in the area. They want you to take part and to hear your points.
  • If you can, register to vote – and use it!

Your councillors

Every neighbourhood has its own councillors.

It is their job to represent your local community.

You can contact them if you have concerns or questions about your local area or your own personal situation, for example about transport, local services, housing.

You can usually get in touch with your local councillors by email or phone.

Or you can go to ‘surgeries’, where you can speak to them face to face.

You can do this, even if you are not eligible to vote.

Find your local councillor.

Your Member of Parliament (MP)

There are 5 MPs – each one for a different area of Bradford (called a constituency): Bradford West, Bradford South, Bradford East, plus Shipley and Keighley.

It is their job to take part in debates in Parliament, vote on laws and represent the people living in their constituency.

You can also ask your MP for advice if you have problems, for example with benefits, immigration, tax.

Everyone can do this, even if you are not eligible to vote.

You can find out who your MP is.

You can find their contact details on the Bradford Council website.


One of the most important ways you can have your say is by voting in elections.

Be aware, you are only allowed to vote if you are over 18 and one of the following:

  • a British citizen
  • a qualifying Commonwealth citizen resident in the UK
  • an EU citizen resident in the UK ( Brexit may change this.)

If you are a qualifying Commonwealth citizen you can vote in all UK elections including the General Election and local elections.

If you are an EU citizen you can only vote in local elections (Brexit may change this).

Find out more about the rights of different migrants living in the UK to vote.

Registering to vote

You cannot vote without registering first.

You only need to register once, unless you change address.

Registering to vote has other benefits too e.g. it could help you get a mortgage to buy a house or get a loan.

You need a National Insurance number to register.

You can check if you are already registered by emailing Electoral Services: [email protected]

Register to Vote

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