Living in Your Neighbourhood


In most areas of Bradford, you can legally park outside your own home.

You can also park outside anyone else’s home, if there is a space and you follow general rules about parking.

Residents’ Permits

  • Only a few areas of Bradford have a residents’ parking permit scheme.
  • Only local people who live there can apply for a permit to park on their street.
  • If there is a resident permit scheme in operation, there will be signs on the road to tell you.
  • You can also check if there is a scheme or other parking restrictions near you.
  • You can find out more about residents’ permits and how to apply for one.

Places where you should NOT park

According to the RAC, these are the places you should not park.

  • Near a school entrance 
  • Anywhere that would prevent access for emergency vehicles
  • On a bus stop or a taxi rank
  • Opposite or within 32 feet of a junction (except in an authorised parking bay)
  • Near the brow of a hill
  • Opposite a traffic island or another parked vehicle (if it causes an obstruction)
  • Where the kerb has been lowered to help wheelchair and mobility vehicle users
  • In front of an entrance to a property
  • On a bend
  • Where you would obstruct a cycle lane
  • A cycle lane
  • A pedestrian crossing, including the zig-zag lines
  • On the carriageway or the hard shoulder of a motorway (except in an emergency)
  • Taxi bays
  • A road marked with central double white lines, even if a broken white line is on your side of the road, except for dropping off, picking up, loading or unloading

Parking in Bradford City Centre and at hospitals

Many streets in the city centre have a ‘Pay and Display’ system, where you pay to park – put money into a parking meter, or pay by phone. 

Find out more about on street parking charges in Bradford city centre.

Or you can use a car park.

View a list of car parks and a map.

For hospital parking, BRI (Bradford Royal Infirmary) and St Lukes Hospital, there is a ‘Pay and Display’ parking system. 
The car parks may be quite far from where you need to go, at the hospital. 
Remember to allow plenty of time to walk to your destination.

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